Alabama Election Handbook 19th Edition

The Alabama Law Institute is proud to present the Alabama Election Handbook, 19th Edition Online. Greg Butrus served as primary editor, with Buddy Rushing as Associate Editor. Also contributing to this edition were the following: Tom Albritton, Morgan Arrington, Greg Cook, Honorable Patrick Davenport, Honorable Harry D’Olive, Jim Entrekin, Peck Fox, Honorable Sherri Friday, Matt Fridy, Shelia Graves, Mary Harris, Carol Hill, Clay Helms, Rob Johnston, Bert Jordan, Sheriff Scott Lolly, Carol Lorenzo, Honorable Alice Martin, Matt McDonald, Ed Packard, Sheriff Mark Pettaway, Honorable David Pate, John Porter, Cynthia Raulston, Denine Richey, Jo Stiefel, and Carla Woodall.

Other valuable editorial assistance in researching, reformatting, reviewing, and/or preparing the Handbook were Penny Spencer, Kayli Franklin, and Asllynne Kemp.

Additionally, the preparation of this Edition would not have been possible without the cooperation of the Office of the Secretary of State. Secretary Merrill and his entire staff have provided tremendous support in the preparation of this book. Specific thanks are due to Ed Packard and Clay Helms.

It is our hope that this website will complement the full handbook with additional information and election law updates. Explore below for links to download individual Handbook chapters as well as specific legal sources cited in each chapter.

Handbook Chapters

Chapter 14: Sheriff

Chapter 14

  • Alabama Administrative Code