Alabama Legislature

Includes the text, status and history of legislation from the current and recent past sessions and searchable versions of the Code of Alabama and the Constitution of Alabama.

Archives & History, Department of - Alabama Legislative Acts, Journals, and Constitutions

Attorney General, Office of - Opinions

Comptroller, Office of the

Includes state Chart of Accounts.

Ethics Commission, Alabama

Examiners of Public Accounts, Alabama Department of

Includes audit reports, special reports, sunset reviews, and information on Alabama competitive bid laws.

Executive Budget Office - Alabama Department of Finance

Includes a history of appropriations from the State General Fund and the Education Trust Fund, a listing and brief description of major sources of revenue to the State, a history of General Fund and Education Trust Fund receipts by tax, a list and description of the major operating funds of the state, Operations Plan Instructions and forms for agencies, an explanation of the budget process, the Budget Management Act and Agency Budget Request Instructions and forms.

Finance, Alabama Department of

Includes the Department's presentation to the permanent joint legislative committee on Finance and Budgets and other financial matters.

Governor's Office

Judicial System, Alabama

Includes information on state and local court costs as well as a directory of court officials.

Open Alabama

Includes searchable state checkbook, monthly accounting reports and the state’s comprehensive annual financial report

Revenue, Alabama Department of

Includes information on Alabama taxes, revenue receipts (revenue abstract), and economic development incentives.

Secretary of State - Legislative Acts