Alabama Election Handbook 18th Edition Released


The Alabama Law Institute, in collaboration with the Secretary of State’s Office, is pleased to offer the latest edition of the Alabama Election Handbook, a comprehensive reference resource which explains how the electoral process in Alabama works, and what the duties of Alabama election officials are in that process. As with past editions, the Handbook covers a variety of topics, ranging from candidate requirements and election preparations to voter registration, absentee voting, and campaign finance requirements. Building on previous versions, the 18th Edition of the Handbook includes several new features that will be of interest to readers. These include:

1.       A chart of offices up for election in the next three election cycles (Chapter 1)


2.       A section on special issues for judicial candidates featuring a table of campaign-related Judicial Inquiry Commission advisory opinions (Chapter 4)


3.       Updated content on the rules for restoring voting rights to felony offenders (Chapter 6)


4.       A chart of Ethics Commission advisory opinions addressing campaign finance issues (Chapter 19)


5.       A new appendix cataloguing the election-related legal authorities that have been issued since publication of the last edition of the Handbook.

 The Handbook is available online on the Law Institute portion of the LSA website ( You may also order a copy of this new edition by filling out the form linked here and returning it to the Law Institute.

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