Alabama Law Institute Hosts Biennial Election Conference


On October 25-27, the Alabama Law Institute hosts the 2017 Election Conference.  The biennial conference is held each election cycle to ensure that those public officials on the front line of the election process have an opportunity to jointly train and discuss the issues they face.  The conference, held at the University of Alabama, is open to all Probate Judges, Sheriffs, Circuit Clerks, and Registrars and more than 350 registered for this year’s conference. According to Senator Cam Ward, President of the Law Institute, “the Election Conference is great opportunity to work with our election officials each cycle to ensure that they have the information they need to perform their duties.  Elections are the cornerstone of our system of government and it is good to get all of the people performing the various functions together so they can better work as a team.”

The training includes a day long joint session on Thursday, October 26th, including sessions on crossover voting, campaign finance laws, security, electronic poll books, and liability issues.  The faculty includes seasoned veteran officials and experts in the fields.  The joint session is being held in Russell Hall at the University of Alabama thanks to the generous cooperation of the University. The agenda can be found here.

In conjunction with the Election Conference the Institute published the Eighteenth Edition of the Alabama Election Handbook.  This handbook has long been the go-to resources for all persons interested in the Alabama election process. The Alabama Election Handbook, first published by the Institute in 1977, was the successor to the 1952 Election Officer’s Handbook by University of Alabama Professor Donald Strong.  Beginning with the Sixth Edition, the Alabama Election Handbook also incorporated the Secretary of State’s Election Official's Handbook produced first by Dr. Robert Montjoy of Auburn University in 1982.  Copies of the Handbook can be ordered from the Law Institute and an electronic version is available on the Institute’s website.

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